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Glitter & Doom #7 feat. Jim Smallman & Helen Arney

Salutations fruit-pickers of the soul, it’s time for another jaunt down the golden orchard of comedy wonderment that is Glitter & Doom.

On Wed 2nd March, Jim Smallman and Helen Arney will be dangling from the branches of the Betsey Trotwood, ripe for the plucking. As per the standard arrangement, other low hanging fruit on offer will be Sam Astley & Charlie Pyne, with Julia Clark wilting on the branch and Kent Valentine, fallen to the floor and being eaten by squirrels.

Tickets will be just £5 and all proceeds will go to no form of registered charity whatsoever.

If you like the sweet nectar of comedy and the citrusy-freshness of live music, then you’ve really got no excuse not to be there!

Glitter & Doom #7
2nd Mar 2011, 8-9.30pm
@ The Betsey Trotwood
56 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3BL.
Tix £5 on the door.

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