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Glitter & Doom #7 feat. Jim Smallman & Helen Arney

Salutations fruit-pickers of the soul, it’s time for another jaunt down the golden orchard of comedy wonderment that is Glitter & Doom.

On Wed 2nd March, Jim Smallman and Helen Arney will be dangling from the branches of the Betsey Trotwood, ripe for the plucking. As per the standard arrangement, other low hanging fruit on offer will be Sam Astley & Charlie Pyne, with Julia Clark wilting on the branch and Kent Valentine, fallen to the floor and being eaten by squirrels.

Tickets will be just £5 and all proceeds will go to no form of registered charity whatsoever.

If you like the sweet nectar of comedy and the citrusy-freshness of live music, then you’ve really got no excuse not to be there!

Glitter & Doom #7
2nd Mar 2011, 8-9.30pm
@ The Betsey Trotwood
56 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3BL.
Tix £5 on the door.

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G&D Podcast #3

The latest episode of the Glitter & Doom podcast has rolled out of the factory and is ready for direct audio transmission.

Best enjoyed alone in a darkened room wearing nothing but your own secrets, the Glitter & Doom podcast is the not responsible for feelings of sensuality that you may experience after listening.

This episode was recorded on 1st December 2010 @ The Betsey Trotwood and features Simon Munnery, Naz Osmanoglu, Kent Valentine, Julia Clark, Charlie Pyne & Sam Astley.

Enhanced Podcast: Download or listen in your browser here. Subscribe with iTunes

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Glitter & Doom #5 – feat Gemma Whelan & Tom Webb – 5th Jan 2011

Some people would say that it’s madness to try and run a gig on the 5th day of a new year, but those people can suck on the big one ’cause we’re doing it anyway.

Dust of the bow-tie and haul out the whale-bone corset, because on Wednesday the 5th of January, Glitter and Doom is stuffing itself into the The Betsey Trotwood like a well-dressed sardine and kicking out the jams comedy-style.

Joining us on this christening of the new year will be Funny Women Variety winner Gemma Whelan and the man voted “Most Likely to be Mistaken for Tom Webb”: Tom Webb, both stirling comics who are sure to both amuse and delight.

As per usual, Kent and Julia will be singing, growling and outstaying their welcome; Sam will radiate cool from his chair and the most excellent Charlie Pyne (female) will keep it all together with a bass line that tickles you in the naughty places. Plus, Mystery Musical Instrument will be making it’s un-asked-for return.

So if the new year hasn’t tickled your fancy by the 5th of Jan, then join us as we crash into 2011 like a freight train carrying comedy, music and radioactive isotopes.

Glitter & Doom #5
5th Jan 2011, 8-9.30pm
@ The Betsey Trotwood
56 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3BL.

Tickets £5 on the door.

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Glitter & Doom #3 – The Videos

After the audio from our November jaunt went tits-up and made the podcast rather difficult, we thanked our lucky stars that we had the video camera running. This is the footage from that camera.

Robert Commiskey @ Glitter & Doom – 3rd Nov 2010

Celia Pacquola @ Glitter & Doom – 3rd Nov 2010

Julia Clark @ Glitter & Doom – 3rd Nov 2010

Kent Valentine @ Glitter & Doom – 3rd Nov 2010

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Glitter & Doom Xmas Special – Wed 1st Dec, 2010

HARK! The herald angels croon, it’s time for a bit of Glitter & Doom.

Dust off the sleigh bells and reanimate your comatose reindeer folks because it’s time to strap in for the 1st annual GLITTER & DOOM XMAS SPECIAL!

This perfect antidote to the inevitable onslaught of sacharine sentiments and unbridled capitalism will be taking place at the Betsey Trotwood on Wednesday Dec 1 and will feature the legendary Simon Munnery (Attention Scum!) & Naz Osmanoglu (the cream rising to the top of the comedy milk-churn).

In addition to our sublime guests, the G&D regulars will be performing a special one-off re-enactment of the story of christmas featuring jokes, music and shitty, shitty costumes.

As per usual you can reserve tickets by emailing us or buy them with your very own pocket money here

Being as how it’s the holiday season and everyone is going to be in the mood for some subversive, experimental, musical comedy; the night will probably sell out, so get in early love-monkeys.

Wednesday 1st Dec, 8pm
@ Betsey Trotwood,
56 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3BL.

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Glitter & Doom #3 – Wed 3rd November

For the third time in as many months, Glitter & Doom will saunter drunkenly into the Betsey Trotwood at 8pm on Wed November 3rd to entertain you with its heady mix of live music and stand-up comedy.

Robert Commiskey, Julia Clark & Kent Valentine will regale you with tales of love, loss, danger and high-explosives to a live musical score provided by Sam Astley on guitar and Charlie Pyne on double bass.

Since the last two nights have sold out, I think you should probably buy your £5 tickets right now.

If you’re afraid of buying things online then you can reserve some tickets by emailing, but really, you should get with the program.

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Glitter & Doom #2 – Wednesday 6th October

After the sell-out success of the first Glitter & Doom we’re following it up with another clanger on Wednesday 6th Oct.

Stand-up Comedy? Check!

Live musical score? Check!

Mystery musical instrument? Check!

The show will feature the superbly teutonic Henning Wehn and the wonderful Naz Osmangolu, plus regulars Kent Valentine & Julia Clark, Sam Astley and Charlie Pyne.

Tickets are now available from WeGotTickets, but can also be reserved by emailing

It’s probably going to sell out again, so get in NOW!

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Glitter & Doom – Wednesday Sept 1st 2010

The inaugural Glitter & Doom will be held on Wed 1st September, 8pm at the Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3BL

The night will feature surrealist TONY LAW & Australian one-liner machine KARL CHANDLER performing to a live musical score by our own Sam Astley on guitar and Charlie Pyne on double bass.

Kent Valentine & Julia Clark will be ruling the evening with an iron fist wrapped in a sordid punchline, so be punctual and nobody will get hurt.

Jokes and music will start at 8pm sharp, but the pub is open for food and drinks before hand, so don’t be afraid to turn up early.

Tickets are £5 and strictly limited, so:

If you don’t want to buy your tix online, reserve them by emailing with your name, number and required number of tickets.


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