Glitter & Doom Xmas Special – Wed 1st Dec, 2010

HARK! The herald angels croon, it’s time for a bit of Glitter & Doom.

Dust off the sleigh bells and reanimate your comatose reindeer folks because it’s time to strap in for the 1st annual GLITTER & DOOM XMAS SPECIAL!

This perfect antidote to the inevitable onslaught of sacharine sentiments and unbridled capitalism will be taking place at the Betsey Trotwood on Wednesday Dec 1 and will feature the legendary Simon Munnery (Attention Scum!) & Naz Osmanoglu (the cream rising to the top of the comedy milk-churn).

In addition to our sublime guests, the G&D regulars will be performing a special one-off re-enactment of the story of christmas featuring jokes, music and shitty, shitty costumes.

As per usual you can reserve tickets by emailing us or buy them with your very own pocket money here

Being as how it’s the holiday season and everyone is going to be in the mood for some subversive, experimental, musical comedy; the night will probably sell out, so get in early love-monkeys.

Wednesday 1st Dec, 8pm
@ Betsey Trotwood,
56 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3BL.

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